How did we start

Our Journey

How did we start

We started Happy Paws Happy Hearts after witnessing two issues needing a creative solution.  On the one hand, we saw a growing number of people disconnecting from society and the first group we wanted to connect with was the elderly.  On the other hand, we saw organisations like the RSPCA in need of volunteers, particularly during the working week, to care for smaller animals and kittens. Our light bulb moment was realising that we could make progress on solving both these issues by connecting the two groups together.

What are our hopes for the future

Through our journey, we hope to enrich the overall health, wellbeing and welfare of isolated members of society.

We will do this by connecting hearts in need, with paws in need, to facilitate life-enriching interactions.

How will we step forward

Enrich the overall health, wellbeing and welfare of isolated members of society, including elderly persons, vulnerable people and members of the community with a disability by facilitating ongoing meaningful interaction between members of our society and animals in need at animal shelters, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Encourage participants increased sense of value and usefulness to society through assisting the animals in need. Further encourage and facilitate the re-connection of relationships with the participant’s family and friends.

Educate the community regarding welfare issues for isolated members of society and the benefits of ongoing meaningful interaction between these members of our society and animals in need.

Advocate that animals in need can play a significant role in developing and enriching the overall health, well-being and welfare of isolated members of the community.

Advance research into the benefits and outcomes of establishing relationships between isolated members of the community and animals in need.