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Recovery and social connection programs

Our Services

Disability 12 week course

Happy Paws Happy Hearts now offers a 12 week outcomes based course.  This is a unique person-centered approach to animal assisted learning with precise therapeutic objectives.  The focus of this program is to support people with a disability and their families to meet individual goals with clear measurable outcomes.  For further information, download our disability services overview.

Aged care booked visits to and from RSPCA animals

Happy Paws Happy Hearts delivers animal-assisted therapy sessions in group environments at both the RSPCA Animal Care Campus and external facilities.  We offer a unique and innovative way to bring people together in a social and engaging manner that leaves lasting impressions.  Our aim is to help our participants strengthen existing and create new connections, lessen the occurrence or risk of social isolation and increase knowledge of animal care and welfare.  For further information, download our HPHH program overview.

Social connection and recovery programs

Happy Paws Happy Hearts is trialing a new initiative with Mates4Mates which supports ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF).  Our dedicated Mates are engaged in an intense animal training course and will be trained to support a wide range of areas and animals at the RSPCA.  For further information on this program, please contact us directly.